Save on electricity bills with these efficient energy saving tips


Save on electricity bills with these efficient energy saving tips

Take a wild guess and guesstimate which sector might be consuming the mostamount of energy. Bet you wouldn’t think it was the household sector. It is a surprising fact that today most households account for nearly 30% of the total energy consumption in the country. Is there any hope for saving, given that there’s a huge population that is consuming power on a day-to-day basis? Yes, there is. Conserving energy by embracing simple techniques is a child’s play; all it requires is a united effort by everyone and of course, a smart go-to guide which tells you how to save energy without breaking out into cold sweat.

Read through the below mentioned straightforward yet handy solutions forconserving energy in different gadgets and appliances. Not only will you make a grand contribution to mother earth, who knows you might even end up saving those sneaky green coloured notes.

Using home appliances judiciously can and does reduce electricity bills, here’s how you can save up in your home


  • Change the temperature settings according to the season. Ideally,you may set your fridge temperature between 30 and 42°F.
  • Make sure your refrigerator door seals are not leaking out the coolinternal air. Repair the door seals if you feel cold air or if you find moisture collecting around the fridge.
  • Don’t keep your freezer too cold.
  • Cover food stored in the refrigerator at all times; uncovered food willultimately emit moisture and this makes the compressor work harder.
  • Regularly defrost manual-defrost refrigerators and freezers
  • Dust your fridge and the coils regularly. Clean off any dirtcobwebs on the coils and you’ll find a notable difference in energy bills.
  • Leave enough space between the refrigerator and the walls behind,as air will easily circulate around the refrigerator and keep the coils and compressor cool.

Cooling Appliances

  • Keep your doors and windows tightly secured when the conditioner is on.
  • Regularly service and clean your AC’s air filters. This will keep thesystem smoothly and not put undue strain on the compressor. Running an unproductive AC can result in high monthly bills.
  • Turn off kitchen and bath exhaust fans when not in use.
  • In the summers it is best to use shades, blinds and drapes. Thiskeeps the room cooler and you may not even require turning on the AC.
  • Keep internal ventilation within the house open, so there is free movement of cool air throughout the home.
  • Try light-coloured curtains that allow sunlight, but block out the heat and rays. You may even use light-coloured paint to reflect heat.
  • Avoid using the AC for extended periods of times. Try switching toceiling fans instead. Ceiling fans consume much less electricity and are a better alternative compared to AC’s. Turn fans off when you leave the room.
  • Installing ceiling fans in all rooms will make the house three to four degrees cooler.


  • Installing motion-detector lights for outdoor lighting is a investment. Besides, they are convenient and efficient.
  • Replace standard or halogen light bulbs with CFL’s.fluorescent light bulbs are one of the most efficient energy savers. They give the same amount of light and help you save more. A win-win situation.
  • Don’t rely on your own judgement regarding the right bulb usage for a lighting fixture. Enquire and make sure that you are using a suitable CFL. Today, there are many sizes and types that suit different lighting needs.
  • Choose outdoor CFLs for outdoor lighting needs. It is a known that they are extremely long lasting; nearly 10 times more durable than standard bulbs.
  • Fluorescent tubes are an attractive and competent way to light your kitchen work areas, library or showcase area.

Do remember to avoid using conventional ovens, as they consume a lot more electricity than microwaves and toaster ovens. It is best to cook or reheat food in microwaves; you’ll use less energy that way.

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